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The Best RPG Characters To Hang Out With
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Stop Making Me Kick Puppies To Shoot LightningStop Making Me Kick Puppies To Shoot Lightning
08, May

We’ve all been there: The game is paused, the choice menu stares you in the face. Do you return the lost pet to the grieving old lady, hold out for a better reward, or punt the puppy across the street for sociopathic kicks? If you want to build the most powerful antihero you can, you better warm up those size 12s. That digital dog is getting booted.

Talking With Archie Comics About Sonic & Mega Man: Worlds Collide
08, May

Sonic and Mega Man have some obvious similarities. They’re both iconic blue video game heroes that battle robots created by mustachioed evil scientists. They started their careers on the opposite sides of the track, with Mega Man exclusively on Nintendo systems and Sonic on Sega’s hardware. Over the years those barriers collapsed, and the two eventually graced the same systems.

The Best RPG Characters To Hang Out With
08, May

I spend a lot of time in virtual worlds, but what always draws me in are the characters I explore them with. I find part of why I love role-playing games so much is the distinct personalities of these characters; they often become more than just images on the screen. Every so often while I play, I find myself thinking, "Hey, this character would be fun to hang out with in real life." This could only happen in a dream world, but it's a fun situation to ponder. Here are some of my favorite characters who I know I'd have a grand time hanging out with.